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You can add your phrases to the wheel and see what comes up

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How does Fortune Wheel work

When you click the Spin button, a random period of time from 5 to 10 seconds will be selected. The arrow on top will point to the fallen sector of the wheel.

The Fortune Wheel can be filled with your own phrases. Please note that there must be at least 2 phrases in the list, so add useful phrases first, and then remove unnecessary ones. Each phrase has its own color and its own number. When opening a website page, the wheel consists of three sectors: Yes, No, Maybe.


Fortune is when circumstances happen so randomly that you win.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to decide exactly what to do so that we feel good as a result. To do this, you can use the wheel of fortune.

Of course, luck does not depend on anything, so you cannot strictly follow the results of the wheel. The wheel helps guide one on the right path if a person does not know what to do next.

Fortune Wheel usage examples

For example, you cannot choose what name to give your child and you have 5 options. You can add these names to the list and spin the wheel.

Another example: you can't decide to go on a date. In this case, you can use the settings without changes: Yes, No, Maybe.

It is not necessary to immediately follow the first result. A good practice is to spin the wheel several times and see which result is repeated more often.