Heads or Tails, Toss the Coin

Toss a coin to choose between two options. Make one for heads and one for tails

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How does Heads or Tails work

On this page you can toss a coin - play heads or tails. You can throw any number of times. Before throwing, you can set the coin toss force coefficient from 1 to 10, the default value is 5.

You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the pad.

About Heads or Tails

It is known that back in the days of the Roman Empire they threw a coin and it was called "Heads or Ships". The name was due to the fact that the sides of the coins had a head and a ship.

One person tosses a coin by pushing one side of the coin with their finger to make it spin in flight. At this moment, another guesses what will fall out: heads or tails. They either catch the coin in their hand or let it fall on a flat surface and wait for it to stop.

As a result, if you guessed the right side, you won, otherwise, you lost.

This way, you can quickly resolve disputes by tossing a coin and wishing for heads or tails.