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Roll the Dice and get total. You can configure count of dice from 1 to 6, default is 2.

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How does Roll the Dice work

You can set the number of dice from 1 to 6, then click Set and the system will roll the dice automatically.

Every time you throw dice, they fall randomly according to the laws of physics, close to real world.

Thus, throwing dice online on this site is similar to throwing dice in real life.

You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate view of the area.

Please have fun!

What is a dice

Dice are often used in board games to generate random numbers.

Traditionally, this is a cube with dots from 1 to 6 on each side. The numbers are arranged so that the sum of the numbers on the diametrically located sides equals 7. This arrangement ensures that each number is equally likely to appear when the dice are rolled, making the game fair and random.

Dice appeared a long time ago, in ancient times. The history of their use goes back to ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and ancient India. Initially, they could be used not only for gambling, but also for divination and decision-making.